Home Networking

Home Networking

Creating a digital home backbone for boosted cellular systems, phone systems, Intercom service, and security systems. Technology Interiors offers a variety of system setups and integrations that will surely improve safety and communications.


Home signal boosters for your cell phones are ideal for enhancing and strengthening signals for voice and text for any North American cellphone carrier. They can be configured for any indoor setup, and will provide greatly increased signal strength and clarity for as many users as you need to include in your booster system. The area of coverage includes the entire household, generally up to thousands of square feet, so that no matter where any family member happens to be in the home, they can benefit from the powerful signal boost provided by a cellphone signal booster system.


Phone systems for your home can be as sophisticated as you need them to be, with IP-based telephone systems and PBX systems offering many more features than just telephone service. With a central processor controlling everything, calls can be routed to any room in your building, and your phone system can even double as an intercom. In addition, an advanced phone system can do direct paging, provide sophisticated mailbox features for every member of the family, and facilitate integration with mobile phones for roaming and other purposes.


Home intercom systems can provide tremendous convenience for all occupants, but especially for those who have limited mobility and have difficulty answering the door quickly or getting from room to room to talk with someone. Home intercoms come in several different options, including traditional room-to-room talking, door-answering intercoms, video intercoms, doorbell and door chime intercoms, and some very sophisticated hybrid systems which combine elements of these options. Shouting to make yourself heard in other rooms, or racing to the front door can become necessities of the past after installation of a home intercom system.


Your home’s network can function as the backbone for delivering electronic services and serving as a foundation for all the advanced technology utilized within the home. With all systems tied together by a central network manager, control is made much easier with diverse systems working together. Networking can be accomplished either through hard-wiring or via wireless connection, depending on which is a better fit for your specific home environment.


Most of us spend more time in the home than any other single location, and that means we want our homes to be places where we can best enjoy quality of life, as well as whatever living comforts are within our means. Today it is possible to integrate every aspect of home life into the home network whether it be it the garage, kitchen, living room or bedroom. This adds functionality and value to those devices which make our lives more enjoyable and a little bit easier. The modern connected home features streaming media players, smart appliances and electrical devices, managed lighting, integrated paging and messaging systems, and a great many more diverse mini-systems, all connected and managed centrally.