Home Security


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Prevention is the best form of security. Scare away trespassers and would-be intruders with Special Sirens. Silent alarms are helpful, but frightening criminals before they reach your home is even better. Bright strobe warning sirens that flash and loud, screaming sirens get their attention fast. These devices are easily mounted on fences, posts and your home. They scare the dickens out of unsuspecting suspects, telling him that this house is protected. It is almost impossible to ignore a loud siren wailing in your ears. This, in turn, alerts the monitoring station so they can send someone out to investigate. The strobe siren does double-duty by showing your neighbors or police where the problem is, a practical help on dark nights.


Energy management systems for buildings, as part of an overall electronic integration service, result in more efficient use of all types of energy, whether it is lighting or temperature control. Using software tools with a central control platform, managers can monitor and control where and how energy is generated and transmitted throughout the building. Electrical and maintenance processes are optimized and costs lowered. This type of intelligent energy system reduces energy consumption while increasing reliability. All data is recorded for analysis, which can help predict electrical needs and performance and deliver it more effectively throughout the building and to specific spaces.


You have a basic home security system that tells you when someone is close to the house. But don’t stop there. You need a first line of defense, state-of-the-art Driveway Sensors that tell you immediately if someone walks or drives down your driveway. With these sensors in place, you are in a better position to get an alert before a trespasser or intruder arrives at your home. Knowing the sensors are in place can actually deter criminals. It is also a convenient way to know if the mailman has arrived or if a package is being delivered.


The primary reason people install security systems is to detect when someone is in your house or on your property and shouldn’t be. That’s what Motion Sensors do and that’s why they are vital to an effective security strategy. Advanced motion sensors use a range of new technology to monitor movement in the area you want to keep safe. When the sensor is tripped, the device sends a signal to the automation system. That alerts the monitoring station, which takes appropriate action to secure your premises.


Using smart building technology, owners can automate many of the functions that keep it running efficiently. Software handles temperature and lighting. Sensors monitor changes, including movement in a room and temperature variations, then send the data to the software. That means a single dashboard can target changes to the rooms that need them, not to all rooms in the building or on a floor. All of this data is tracked and recorded so the software can learn from it, adjusting its changes to the seasons or with occupancy plans schedules. Vacant rooms are a headache for building managers. They can waste significant amount of energy on lighting, heating and cooling. With smart building technology, the system automatically turns lights on and off, and temperatures up and down. These systems can also make adjustments based on person preferences, reducing worker arguments about temperature in the office.


Building owners reap rewards, both with increased efficiency and lower bills, when they consolidate building systems. Integrated room control means bringing together all the systems, like HVAC, fans, lighting, and blinds onto one platform. Using the latest technologies like wireless networking, these units have advanced capabilities built into them, meaning less time and money for installation. They handle sophisticated functions and controls, letting you change set points and modes depending on occupancy sensors. You can quickly adjust heating and cooling machinery, regulate fans and make tweaks to improve air quality from one platform. With integrated room control, you can quickly see important room and network data about diagnostics, alarms and building metrics. Take the example of a hotel room using this system. The manager can control heating and cooling as well as blinds, shades, and lighting. They also get up-to-the-minute information from occupancy sensing and diagnostics that let them make changes to maintain guest comfort.


Imagine a door lock that sends you a text message when someone enters or leaves your home. Of course, it also locks and unlocks the door, but a Smart Lock also tracks who is coming in and going out. It lets you lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world, if you have internet access. You can email digital keys to guests, workers in your home, or your children, with the level of access you decide. These locks work run on batteries and operate seamlessly with smart home systems and protection devices. For example, you can pair it with a smart doorbell. When a service worker rings the doorbell, it will automatically let you confirm that you want the person to have access, then remotely unlock the door for them.


You need state-of-the-art Surveillance Cameras for an effective home security network. They offer a smorgasbord of features to help keep you safe. Motion sensing allows you to start recording when something within the frame starts to move. Without this feature, you end up filling your storage drive quickly with useless images. Receive alerts immediately and directly when the camera detects motion. With the wide or narrow viewing angle, you can determine how much the camera can see from the spot where you position it. Wide angles record more area but narrow ones provide greater detail. With a battery-operated camera, you can put your cameras anywhere, regardless of outlets, so you can monitor your home from every angle. Choose either local storage or cloud storage. Since it is easy to fill up the drive quickly, many people choose cloud-based storage. Take out for Primetime.


You are no longer dependent on the vulnerable telephone line for security. Modern Alarm Systems using wireless technology keep you and your family safe with the use of cellular backup. The connection between your house and the monitoring station is doubly protected, using both the phone line and wireless. Never doubt the importance of your alarm system, the heart of every security system, along with the control panel that connects it to a remote monitoring station. With wireless connectivity, you add a second layer of dependability and safety to the traditional system. Your state-of-the-art alarm system works with a control panel that sends signals directly to the central monitoring facility. As soon as something out of the ordinary happens, they notify the appropriate authorities and help is on its way.